︎︎M  I  D  S  U  M  M  E  R      G  A  R  M  E  N  T  S︎︎

❤︎~baby bear tank~❤︎

⏥hand dyed tank with bows surrounding tiny scalloped collar, baby bear holding an umbrella

⏥size not marked, seems like medium

⏥100% cotton, really nice quality with some stretch to it!!

flat measurements:

17” pit to pit
23.5” length (shoulder to bottom hem)
17” sweep across bottom hem

★~heavenly body bow henley~★

❥hand dyed ribbed belluna henley with bows on front and sleeves

❥size not marked, seems like small/medium

❥100% cotton, really great quality shirt w/ quite a bit of stretch and very amazing y2k vibe

☆flat measurements:
17.5” pit to pit
21.5” length (shoulder to bottom hem)
18” sweep across bottom hem

☉~soft earth babydoll tee~☉

♡hand dyed vintage ESPRIT ribbed baby doll tee w/ scalloped edges and bows surrounding neck,
little rosette bows on sleeves as well

♡marked size L

♡100% cotton, such a beautiful shirt with a bit of thickness and structure to it, as well as quite a
bit of stretch

☆flat measurements:
18.5” pit to pit
22.5” length (shoulder to bottom hem)
20” sweep across bottom hem

♀︎~most precious little terry cloth jacket i ever did see/venus incarnate~♀︎

♡pale yellow, soft, fuzzy terry cloth jacket w/ perfect collar and ¾ sleeves

♡marked size S- seems to fit an array of sizes

♡two top buttons, ribbon roses and rosettes down front, on bottom hem,
and sleeve

♡protective angel energy

♡hand dyed/painted angel patch w/ star embroideries

♡collar and sleeves have organic spiral embroidery

♡small embroidery on inside fold to cover a tiny ink stain

♡75% cotton, 25% polyester

♥︎truly one of a kind piece

☆flat measurements:
21” pit to pit
21” length (shoulder to bottom hem)
21.5” sweep across bottom hem

☁︎~serene minimalist work shirt~☁︎

♥︎thick periwinkle work shirt w/ two baby bears and a hand dyed/painted angel back patch
w/ star embroideries

♥︎size mark unisex M

♥︎protective angel energy

♥︎so chic .. belongs in the studio or the streets

♥︎100% cotton, thick and sturdy really great quality work shirt

☆flat measurements:
22” pit to pit
28” length (shoulder to bottom hem)
22” sweep across bottom hem

♧~carousel sky button up~♧

♢dyed and patched eileen fisher button w/ special animal decals, ribbon roses, and an angel
back patch w/ star embroidery

♢size: femme M

♢protective angel energy

♢such a fun cool shirt for cool summer nights, wearing open at the beach, transitioning to fall-
so versatile

♢100% organic cotton- denim-ish chambray material

☆flat measurements:
22.25” pit to pit
27.5” length (shoulder to bottom hem)
24.4” sweep across bottom hem

⚉~indescribable zig zag meadow button up⚉

✧beautiful loved vintage 70’s top that has had every tiny hole patched and cared for

✧marked size “15-15 ½ “ - feels like unisex medium

✧this gold color is.. really something very rich

✧gold rosettes and multicolor zig zags abound

✧white bows down the front

✧tbh i want someone very chic to wear this as if they hadn’t even noticed all the
details and it’s casual and embodied

✧put so much love and energy into this one, babes.  truly feels indescribable to me..

✧65% polyester, 35% cotton- light and airy

☆flat measurements:
23” pit to pit
27.5” length (shoulder to bottom hem)
24” sweep across bottom hem

★☁︎~garden at dusk lucy in the sky button up~☁︎★

♦︎so hard to describe this color, but the color, texture, and drape really attracted me to this shirt-
it’s like a warm rosy mauve w/ a bit of grey dustiness to it? but so warm at the same time?
with a little subtle sheen?  beautiful and perfect!!!  like perfect open over a cropped tank top, 
perfect on the beach, perfect with loafers and a turtleneck in fall...

♦︎size is marked “17 ½ 34/35” no idea what this means i’m thinking unisex XL

♦︎protective angel energy

♦︎big lavender rosettes abound

♦︎baby bear above pocket

♦︎angel back patch w/ star embroideries

♦︎55% cotton, 45% polyester

☆flat measurements:
27” pit to pit
30” length (shoulder to bottom hem)
27.75” sweep across bottom hem

 *** Swipe for more product views *** each piece is hand painted and one of a kind *** recycled + upcycled materials *** peace and love on earth 

 *** Swipe for more product views *** each piece is hand painted and one of a kind *** recycled + upcycled materials *** peace and love on earth